Bob Dylan was on to something when he sang, ‘times are a-changing’ and in a time where everything from our forests to the NHS have a price tag on it, it’s hard to think positively about the direction this government is dragging the country in. The irony of Cameron’s previous election rhetoric about ‘fixing our broken society’ is that his haphazard approach to running this country doesn’t seem to be providing much unity to this ‘broken society’ he deemed to be in such desperate need of saving.

With increased tuition fees, high levels of unemployment and soaring house prices, it seems like we’re getting by on the scrappy leftovers from the generations of yesteryear. However, with this doom comes a new level of activism, seen amongst a current generation once deemed apathetic. Student protests, sit ins and the creation of free schools are beginning to make the silver lining to a frankly dire situation pretty exciting.

Inspired by this and our own feelings of frustration, We are kick starting ‘Britain on Trial’, a collaborative series of pieces (articles, poem, illustrations and more) that aims to question and analyse unjust aspects of British society in these times of uncertainty.

‘My, that’s just ludicrous. How can you put Britain on trial?!’, I hear you cry

Just watch us.


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